Mar 28, 2019

Luxembourg “ASSURANCE VIE”

Luxembourg Assurance vies is very popular among the expat and non-resident community, as they offer assets that correspond to their projects as an expat.

From a financial point of view:
• The subscriber can invest in different currencies, such as GBP, USD or €’s
• Luxembourg regulations allow the subscriber to entirely customize his policy using so called “dedicated funds” in which you can choose to invest almost any variety of asset with no real limitation (even the riskiest, or the most atypical)
• the policy can be opened, or additional payments can be made, by contributing securities

From a safety point view:
• your funds are held in a custodian bank distinct from the insurer’s equity
• in the case of default by the insurer, your assurance vie will override all other creditors

From a tax point of view:
• Luxembourg tax authorities do not apply “withhold tax”, which excludes the risk of double taxation, and simplifies the application of the DTA’s.
• The tax rules applied in the case of withdrawal, or succession, are those of the subscriber’s current place of residence.

• Luxembourg policies can be opened by non-residents.

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