Legal Procedures

At DTB Wealth Management we are officially recognised as legal and tax consultants, and, just like any jurist, we hold the French Compétences Juridiques Appropriés (CJA), which means we can legally provide written advice through confidential reports.

Therefore, we can draft your will in France, under French law, which includes how your assets will be divided, along with details regarding executors and responsibilities of others.

We can provide you with expert advice on a wide range of legal procedures, including matrimonial regimes or the tontine. As the UK and France’s succession laws are so different you may be concerned about how they will affect your family. We can provide impartial advice entirely related to your exclusive situation, enabling you to build the exact solution you require.


Financial Advice

Assurance vie, securities, equity saving plans & asset management


General Matters

Resident permits, mutuelle (top-up insurance) advice, house insurance and so on.


Pension Planning

Repatriation of pensions to Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme (QROPS) or International Self-invested Personal Pensions (ISIPPs) and succession planning.


Property & Mortgages

Asset development, leaseback, mortgage brokerage or property sales.


Tax Guidance

Tax exemption analysis, personal income tax, benefits and property wealth tax.