Tax Guidance

Every year the obligatory French tax return causes stress for British expats because all financial details – from income to pensions and share portfolios – must be included.

Specialising in tax guidance in France and authorised by the Direction Générale des Finances Publiques (DGFP) to complete tax returns, we entirely remove this burden for our clients.

French law is complex, but we’re well practised at analysing declarations and designing better-performing investments. Clients seeking savvy tax guidance in France will also benefit from our effective tax exemption analysis (land and real estate), succession planning specialisms, inheritance expertise and tax reduction schemes.

While it can be tricky staying abreast of French finance bill changes, we pride ourselves on it. This means we can offer you wealth and tax solutions that are sophisticated and infused with the latest intel. As experts on tax guidance in France we belong to French and UK regulatory associations ensuring our clients have a news-driven bi-cultural and bilingual service.

France Tax Personal Pension


Financial Advice

Assurance vie, securities, equity saving plans & asset management


General Matters

Resident permits, mutuelle (top-up insurance) advice, house insurance and so on.


Legal Procedures

Drafting wills and understanding matrimonial regimes.


Pension Planning

Repatriation of pensions to Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme (QROPS) or International Self-invested Personal Pensions (ISIPPs) and succession planning.


Property & Mortgages

Asset development, leaseback, mortgage brokerage or property sales.