DTB Wealth Management rebrands to increase visibility to expats in France

Aug 12, 2020

DTB Wealth Management has undergone a rebranding that firmly shows its commitment to supporting British expats and French inpatriates with expert financial advice in France.

The new illustration of a migrating bird in the company’s logo and on the home page of the website, at www.dtbwealthmanagement.com, symbolises the important journey from one country to another.

“This proud migrant bird has been drawn into our logo to represent expats as they move from the UK to France,” says Daniel Butcher, Founder and CEO of DTB Wealth Management. “We made this design choice to emphasise our role, which is to ensure that every aspect of that journey feels as natural and carefree to our clients as it would to these migratory birds in the natural world.”

DTB Wealth Management’s structure and set up has not changed with this rebranding. It is still part of the Via Network, a “Conseil en Gestion de Patrimoine” (CGP), a “profession libérale” exercised by notaries, chartered accountants, lawyers and real estate agents.

As expats moving to France for the first time require most, if not all, of these services, DTB Wealth Management is an essential one-stop-shop. Whether seeking tax consultants in France, asset management, general advice on legal issues (from moving house to opening bank accounts) or an English speaking notaire, DTB Wealth has a ready-made network of highly-trained professionals.

Even explaining the double taxation agreements in plain English (or French, for inpatriates) – which can cause stress to those looking to move assets into France from the UK or vice versa – is all part of the service.

One of the biggest problems British expats face when moving to France is the language barrier, but DTB Wealth Management is run by a bilingual team. English speaking solicitors in France are on hand to help expats with any legal issues they face, as are English speaking estate agents, wealth consultants and tax experts. Pensions for British expats in France is one of the most common topics that DTB Wealth has bilingual experts at the ready to support clients with.

As a reminder of its location and deep-rooted knowledge of France’s culture and administrative systems, the dynamic, yet ancient South-Western city of Albi is depicted on the front page of DTB Wealth Management’s website. A sister town to the capital of the Midi-Pyrénées region, Toulouse, where the company’s headquarters is based, the first human settlement in Albi was during the Bronze Age from 3,000 to 600 BC.

Today Albi is one of the region’s most visited sites and serenely fuses history, culture and tradition with modern-day life. A deep understanding of each of these elements is essential to DTB Wealth Management’s success in helping British expats to settle in France and why Albi feels representative of the premium-quality service that the company offers clients.

“We are very excited to share this new look with our customers,” says Daniel. “With Brexit and the pandemic throwing up problems for our clients, we want to be more visible to expats, so they know where to come for exceptional help. We can assist them with any legal or financial problem and look forward to introducing them to our team.”


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