Wealth Management


Private Reports & Estate Planning

Complete analysis of your fiscal, legal, social, retirement, inheritance & matrimonial status.

Family Protection

Life insurance, healthcare, invalidity, disability.

Pension Planning

Complimentary income solutions, Luxembourg & offshore assurance vie, QROPS, QNUPS, ISIIP.

Financial Investments

Assurance vie, contract of capitalisation, equity savings plan (PEA), securities account, asset management.

Mortgage & Loan Brokerage

Mortgages & loans, loan insurance policies

Real Estate Investments

Traditional home buyers or investors, historical monuments, real estate investment trusts’s (REIT’s).


Foreign property investments, investment in timber & forestry, private equity, club deal, Girardin oversea’s investments.

Tax Allowance

Income tax, French property wealth tax, inheritance tax, gift tax.


Financial Advice

Assurance vie, securities, equity saving plans & asset management


General Matters

Resident permits, mutuelle (top-up insurance) advice, house insurance and so on.


Legal Procedures

Drafting wills and understanding matrimonial regimes.


Pension Planning

Repatriation of pensions to Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme (QROPS) or International Self-invested Personal Pensions (ISIPPs) and succession planning.


Property & Mortgages

Asset development, leaseback, mortgage brokerage or property sales.


Tax Guidance

Tax exemption analysis, personal income tax, benefits and property wealth tax.