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I am extremely happy that I chose Daniel Butcher as the financial adviser to arrange the transfer of my UK pension to France.

He is perfectly bilingual and understands well the tax and regulatory requirements of both countries.

Moreover, his personal style and dedication to the task have been outstanding.

He has always been available for me and he meets his commitments reliably whilst clearly communicating with me on any issues or obstacles that had to be overcome. I recommend him most strongly.

TC Hills . 5/6/19

We contacted Daniel for some financial advice before moving to France after seeing his advert on the French Entree website.

As we were not sufficiently fluent in French to understand the intricacies of an Assurance Vie, a bi-lingual insurer was a great benefit and Daniel helped us find the right product for our needs. Response to emails and telephone calls was prompt and all our paperwork arrived safely. We receive regular follow ups from Daniel who is always available to give advice by telephone or in person and we would recommend his services without hesitation.

J. Littlewood & C Johnson

I have found your website through normal browsing when I was searching for my car insurance. Finally, I found an English speaking insurer which is your website.

As I don’t really speak French, you have been a great help to solve all my insurance matters. Your service have been always prompt and efficient and recommended to all my friends who don’t speak French. Thanks a lot for your great effort and continue your excellent service to all non-speaking French living in France.

C. Kumaresan

Daniel helped me through a mountain of paperwork which I would have abandoned; for me, without his help.

Email, and questions were always answered within 24 hours.

Captain Patrick Van Dam . Easyjet Bord Commandant . 19/05/2020

We found Daniel’s help and advice when moving to France invaluable, especially because he was English speaking and understood what we needed.

It can be confusing and difficult to understand the different requirements for France compared to the UK, however Daniel assisted in us getting the right insurance policies, at competitive prices, all through email/phone calls. We have continued to use Daniel’s services this year and I would certainly recommend Daniel’s expertise to anyone moving to France, or who already lives here.

L. Reed & J. Maughan

Daniel Butcher kindly helped me in transferring my UK pension to a QROPS. 

I had worked with Daniel in the past as he had already helped me in transferring a smaller fund to France where I now reside.

I find him easy to work with and he makes sure to take time to explain the different steps in the process and is always there to answer any questions.

He also knows the French and the UK tax and pension systems very well.

L Piccoli . 31/7/19

Transferring my company Defined Benefit pensions to a QROPS (qualifying recognized overseas pension scheme) was one of the most daunting exercises I have taken on, up-to-date.

Because of the amount invested, financial jargon, and other complexities. Luckily Daniel Butcher our advisor was there to explain things and get this transfer on line. Now that he has helped us through this complex transfer I look forward to a faithful ongoing relationship where hopefully he will help us achieve better returns than if we had left our funds in the company scheme.

I would recommend Daniel for his knowledge and patience and his good humour.

Anne Shakibaie . Honeywell Engineer . 28/03/2020

I had the pleasure to get a presentation on this topic by Daniel. It was very helpful to see some examples from the past.

When a considerable amount of money is involved it’s important to work with someone who’s trustworthy. Daniel was able to gain my trust from the start. The procedure is lengthy and involves a lot of paperwork, but Daniel was always available to give some assistance and clarify issues where needed. I very much appreciated his reactivity and willingness to help out. Even after the transfer of the funds, I could always rely on Daniel for questions and answers. I can only recommend everyone who’s interested in a similar transfer to contacte Daniel and work with him and his office. Many Thanks.

P Barbary . 15/1/20

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